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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Adrian Cargal, and I am a curriculum educational technology specialist. I currently help develop effective digital elements within instructional school houses. Before attaining this position, I was an elementary educator that specialized in developing STEM, math, and science lesson plans/resources for a local elementary school. I did not become an educator in the traditional manner, but rather through an alternative certification. I have a double degree in psychology and criminal justice, as I was completely convinced that I desired to be a juvenile detention counselor. I was determined to help teens with unfortunate circumstances to find the path that led to success. As a part of my studies, I participated in an internship with the police department, and that is when I realized that I needed to reach kids long before they ended up in juvenile detention centers.


    I began the process of acquiring my teaching certification, and I have not stopped building my repertoire yet. After becoming certified in EC-8th grade generalized studies, I also attained my ESL certification and then became a Google Trainer for my district. Under the direction of Lamar University, I acquired my Master's Degree in Educational Technology Leadership and Principal Certification. As I develop new skills and hone in on what interests me, I have discovered a love of STEM and all things related. This, in essence, means that I am constantly seeking opportunities where I can weave science, technology, engineering, and math into authentic learning experiences that are meaningful and engaging. Recently, I have learned that this model I hold so dear has a name... COVA. Giving students choice, ownership, and voice in order to ensure an authentic learning experience should be the design educators use in their classroom, and I hope to be a part of that transition.

When I am not out and about educating the masses, I enjoy singing! I enjoy it so much that I can be found on the stage at the local theatre acting, dancing, and singing. This outlet brings me joy and serves as my self-care ritual. I love it so much that I have instilled it upon my children and now being on stage is a family affair. When I am not singing on stage, I am singing in the choir loft at First United Methodist Church. I also enjoy playing tennis, which I have not had the opportunity to participate in lately but plan on doing in the near future once again. In 2010, my mixed doubles partner team placed 3rd in the nation for the United States Tennis Association. 


Normally, one would not boast of their pets, but we have some uncommon best friends in our home. We have a beloved rat named Jiwe, and a corn snake, Stephen. Of course, we have a family dog, Scruffy as well. We are a household that loves animals, even odd ones. In the past, we have had a pet African pygmy hedgehog (Sonic), a giant African millipede (Petey Pablo), several guinea pigs, and even a leopard gecko. Can you tell I was a science teacher with class pets?

I have two beautiful children, Rylee and Davis, that keep me busy with acting, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and academics. I strive to be a good mother, raising my children up to be the hands and feet of Christ. In 2018, three girls (sisters ages 5, 8, and 10) that attended my campus were removed from their home by CPS on the Friday before Easter and there were no placements available. I am not a registered foster parent, but I was given the opportunity to take these girls into my home. I became a mother of five for over a year and it really changed who I am as a person. They were adopted by a family member and we still keep in touch, and we get together every once in a while for a reunion.

I guess you could say I am big on the importance of family. I was raised by a mother that always wanted me to strive for greatness, and I come from a line of women that made their way in life through hard work and education. Because of them, I have been molded into the person I am today. I am very thankful for my family and the support system they have provided through my life's journey.

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  • August ’98-May ’01  John Hirschi Magnet Center High School  Wichita Falls, TX.

           Top ten of senior class with a 4.38 GPA. Majored in Medical Technology.

  • Member of National Honor Society

  • Honor Roll

  • Captain of the tennis team

  • Cheerleader


  • August ’01-May’02  University of North Texas  Denton, TX. Psychology major.

  • Advertising representative of the North Texas dorms


  • August ’02-December ’05  Midwestern State University  Wichita Falls, TX. Double major in B.S. for Criminal Justice and Psychology.

  • Member of Correctional Counselors Association


  • March ‘20 - Present  Lamar University  Beaumont, TX. Master Degree in Educational Leadership and Instructional Technology with Principalship. Projected graduation date May 2021.




  • 09/21-Present AETC Curriculum Educational Technology Specialist

  • 07/17-08/21 Wichita Falls Independent School District

                 -Haynes Northwest Academy

                    -Math Instructional Coach

                       Assist teachers K-5 in producing reliable and viable math/science/technology curriculum. Create STEM                                   lessons and activities based on TEKS for all grade-levels. Manage and implement math RTI in an efficient                                   manner. Collaborate with others to provide exemplary instruction via technology. Present professional                               development to all employees when needed. Some administration duties.

  •  09/08- 07/17 Wichita Falls Independent School District

                -Crockett Elementary


                      Create and produce effective and innovative lesson plans to ensure academic success for each student.                                  Attend professional development workshops to attain new strategies/techniques in order to instill                                        knowledge within each student. Practice classroom management/organization skill. Motivate the masses                              and assist in improving our future generation each day!

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